911 Gasket Seat Machining

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Porsche 911 (Air Cooled) Head Gasket Recess Machining

In common with many other Porsche air cooled engines the integrity of the head gasket seal relies on thin rings fitted into the recess in the cylinder heads between the head and barrel.

Porsche 911 cylinder heads are particularly prone to the damage and distortion which results from continuous and extreme heating and cooling cycles that these high performance air cooled engines endure.  Following any head gasket failure it is good practice to machine the cylinder head sealing faces to correct any distortion and prevent further problems developing

Using a dedicated jig to ensure total accuracy and in conjunction with our BERCO AC650M the sealing surface on each cylinder head is machined to an equal depth ensuring that the finished job sits squarely on the cylinder liners while maintaining both alignment of the camshaft carrier assembly and equal compression ratio between all cylinders.

Each cylinder head to be machined is mounted on the dedicated jig which is in turn is fixed to the parallels on the bed of the machine.  The cylinder head is centred using the setting stylus and dial gauge which are integral with the boring column before being machined with a cutting tip which has a flat cutting profile.  The depth of cut is recorded and equal overall height for all six cylinders is achieved using the depth dial gauge mounted on the machine column.

We have also carried out machining operations to allow fitment of oversize cylinder liners for high performance and race engine applications.

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